Our engraving depicts the avocations often pursued at a selector’s homestead on a Sunday morning in the early stages of settlement, when rest is taken from work,and the day, or at least the morning, is given to such odd jobs as washing clothes, sharpening saws, grinding axes or putting in a new handle, or other light occupations.The view, we may add, shows a real scene, and the engravingis taken from a photograph placed at our service by Mr. J.F. Atkinson, and taken by him during a holiday trip to Narracan Creek, South GippsLand.

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In this digital age, of social networking we are able to transfer data at the speed of light. We can publish photos and text almost instantaneously, which is an amazing technological achievement, but not all would agree that it is an entirely good thing. The digital revolution has created a market of consumers with an insatiable appetite for immediate sensory stimulation. People are less prepared to pay for audio visual stimuli even if the cost is only their time. There is also much discussion of a possible “digital dark age” in the future, due to failed or obsolete technology, in which we have invested so much of our data. We will have to wait and see if this eventuates and it is encouraging to know that there is discussion on the subject.

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