I believe the consumers of digital images in particular, have become less appreciative of fine art and I use that term loosely. By fine art I refer to the work involved in its’ production, regardless of whether it is a photograph of a painting, an illustration or a photo as art. It is also not possible to appreciate art in the round, you can only like a photo of it, which leads me to what this post is about.

With all the scanning (digital imaging) of old records, a lot of previously unseen archives have surfaced; records which prior to digital technology, were “doomed to the annals of an unsearchable physical repository”. Not entirely true, there was card catalogues, microfiche and a lot of running around, but not much reward without putting in the hard yards. It is now possible to search archives of various collections, more of which are being digitised all the time. I have recently been searching copies of various newspapers (Australian in particular) and found so many hidden treasures, I thought it may be of public interest to share my findings, hence this post (less the rambling blurb).

This post may become a page and or grow branches in the future. It’s primary objective is the collection and sharing of interesting images and articles found in, particularly but not specifically, old publications e.g.: newspapers, journals, etc.

There will be posts that I know very little, if anything about. Therefore, I am inviting comments from anyone, on any subject if they feel inclined.

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