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The Hat Factory Fish Pond


I wrote an article, back in 2005, about the old Hat Factory on Sherbourne Rd. (Fort Knox storage), mainly discussing the significance of the heritage listed landscaped gardens (Heritage Overlay Number HO246), which remain relatively intact (the article is still available on the eltham.com/press¬†website). After the factory closed sometime in the 1970s, it stood unused for several years before redevelopment began in the 1980s. During this period, a skate boarders’ scout party discovered the empty fishpond (once a feature of the landscape design) and a legend was born. Word got around and guys were travelling two hours by train to hang there. Unfortunately the abandoned building was vandalised (not necessarily by the skaters) and became an eyesore, subsequently the fishpond was filled in.
One of the guys who started the legend: Noel Forsyth has written “A History of Victorian Skateboarding”. In it he describes the significance of the “Eltham Fish Pond” to skateboarding. It has some great old photos from 1977.
HERE: http://www.vicskatehistory.com/part9.htm