Heidelberg vs Greensborough (Grand Final)

I shot too many photos to upload to this site, so as I commonly do, I selected about seventy or eighty and crunched them into a youtube slideshow, accompanied with some royalty free music I found. I apologise if the music is not to your taste, but it is very hard to find anything half decent to use on youtube which somebody is not trying to claim rights to. All of the music on my videos are sourced in this way, it also gives a little exposure to artists whos work would not normally have an audience.

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Greensborough vs Macleod

Not a bad grab, for a Borough-Boy :)
Not a bad grab, for a Borough-Boy 🙂

Greensborough won the right to play Heidelberg in the grand final, after defeating Macleod.

I have a lot more photos from this game and also the G’borough v Heidelberg semi, which I will get around to posting when I can find the time.

I tried posting the animated gif I made of “Jumping” Jack Johnston onto Facebook, but apparently they don’t work 🙁

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