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Trying to make some “bread” to spread my “FIGJAM on”.

In one night of lockdown I managed to :

  • Create a work of art
  • Have an exhibition
  • Build a gallery
  • Mint my first NFT
  • Turn $10 into $20.15


Okay, short story long (bullet points expanded):

  • Out of frustration and the boredom of being “locked down” and isolated in my own home/neighborhood, I decided to create a couple of images; I call these images “art” (you decide) ?


  • To show my work to the world, I needed to have an exhibition and what better way to do this than >>


  • Build a Galah-re: ?


  • Of course these original works of art would be copied and shared all over the internet without credit, so as a level of provenance >>


  • Minting NFTs 101. Relatively easy process and can be done for free, however you will need a cryto wallet to do it. Listing NFTs for sale requires “gas” (cryto currency) in the form of “Ethereum”. My intention was not to sell my art works, but to use them as an experiment in learning the process.


  • Further exploring “having some gas in my tank (cryto currency in my wallet)”, I discovered the main platforms for minting and selling NFTs are tied to certain wallets. None of the wallets I explored, would allow me to transfer $AU into them, to convert to Ethereum (gas). Not to be deterred, I opened an account with an Australian exchange and as an incentive, they give you $10 worth of Bitcoin redeemable upon your first deposit. I matched the $10 and first thing this morning I had $20.15 in my account.


The point of all this is, as a result of having “too much time on my hands”, I have dipped my toe in the cryto currency pool and learned a little bit about blockchain technology. Which may be useful in the future should I decide to mint some NFTs of considerably more value.

Visit the

and view the

Habitation” exhibition ?


Stay tuned for my next post $Bread Made With Sour Dough$ ?



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