About The Common

Welcome to eltham.org.

Not much happening here at present, my intention was to build a forum for Eltham related discussion, unfortunately the plugin I installed appears to have a security issue and the site has been inundated with anonymous/fake users. Until I can generate some interest in the project and establish a group of genuine users, the site will remain inaccessible.

I have created a Facebook group (as if there wasn’t enough already) which, if you are interested in helping to build the eltham.org (Eltham Common) website/forum join up there and we can talk. The emphasis of the FB group is not about quantity of members, but quality. Hoping to connect with people who can contribute meaningful content and discuss various subjects, issues and design a practical forum.

The eltham.org domain is currently being hosted as a sub-domain of eltham.com, but it is hoped that it will have it’s own independent (not for profit) presence in the future.

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